To receive full consideration for funding, each athletic program must achieve the following:

-          Parental involvement is the key to establishing a tradition of successful support provided by the Booster Club.  When you have your team coach parent meeting the Booster Club would like to be present to speak to your parents.

-          Coach will need to appoint a coaching representative aka team Booster Club Rep. This rep/liaison must attend all Booster Club monthly meetings for the coach during their sports season. It is preferred the Varsity Head Coach is in attendance out of season, an assistant coach may also fill in.  Should the program have a request or concern, it will be presented by the Head Coach.

-          Coach will also need to appoint a Team Parent Concession Rep for each teams (freshman, junior varsity and varsity). Your Team Parent Concessions Rep is the liaison between your team parents and our Booster Club Parent Concession Rep Coordinator. The function of your Team Parent Concession Rep is to schedule your parents to work concessions at all your home events and also when parent and student athlete volunteers are required throughout the school year.

-          Coach your parents must meet 100% volunteer ratio as determined by the Booster Club. Meaning if you have a concessioned sport your parents need to work and cover the concession stand during your home event. If your program does not offer concessions, your student athletes and parents will need to sign up whenever we send out emails to your Team Parent Concession Rep looking for help.  We will try to use teams to cover certain events during the regular season when warranted. Our Booster Club Parent Concession Rep Coordinator is here to assist your Team Parent Concession Rep when needed. We want to provide opportunities for all programs to achieve the volunteer requirement. You and your assistant coaches must encourage your parents to get involved and be activate supporting the Booster Club that financially support you.

-          All athletic programs will be required to participate in both Booster Club deemed fundraisers. Our main source of fundraising revenue is our Concessions, Membership, Spiritwear sales and  Football Mania Sweepstakes.

o   Concessions - parent and student athletes work in and operates concessions during home events when there is concessions

o   Membership - help promote and courage your parents, families and their relatives to purchase a Booster Club membership. You may do this at your Coach Parent meetings as well as when emailing your parents. Purchasing a Booster Club Membership pays for itself typically in 4 attended events and the money stays here at North. Pay directly at the door or gate and that money collected goes to the Waukesha School District. So help your parents save money by purchasing a Booster Club Membership and keep the money here at North High School.

o   Spiritwear Sales - help promote and encourage your parents to support team and school spirit by purchasing Booster Club Spiritwear.

o   Football Mania Sweepstake – help promote and encourage your parent to participate in and to help raise money for your program. Each ticket sells for $20 and the Booster Club keeps 70% or $14 for each ticket sold. Ticket holders receive $20 worth of premium digital music downloads and they are entered into the FootballMania 17 week sweepstakes for a chance to win money weekly! Simply put, 1000 sold ticket = $14,000. 2000 sold tickets  = $28,000. The more tickets sold the more money raised to support the Athletic here at North.

-          Coach you are encouraged to come to us in your “assigned” month when eligible in your Uniform Rollover year. We currently pay 50% of the uniforms rollover requests.

Requesting schedule:


·         Fall sports will make requests in Spring (May or June)


·         Winter sports will make requests in Fall (August or Sept)


·         Early Spring and  Spring sports will make requests in Winter (December or January)


·         Late Spring/Summer sports will make requests in early spring (March or April) 


For all other coach requests the Booster Club can pay up to 100% of equipment, warm-ups, bags, competitive technology etc. and head coaches can present at any meeting.  A “Request Form” must be used and completed in full for any and all requests with all Ten (10) mandatory questions answered by the coach. Most importantly, any and all requests will require two (2) competing quotes for a request to be considered.  This eliminates questions and delays during the approval process.


Uniforms = what is used on the field of play.

Warm-ups and player bags = what is used to and from game day events.

Equipment = used by teams to practice and or for games.

Capital improvements = typically but not limited to large cost items such as score boards, sound systems, equipment for field of play or building improvements.

         Coach you are required to meet with your Athletic